Troubleshooting Guide

This guide will walk you through steps to either get your keypad back up and running or properly diagnose the problem.


Keypad shows no sign of life (all LEDs off)

This is most likely caused by a bad USB cable or port, so try changing both. You should also make sure that the cable is fully pushed in on both ends.

Keypad is receiving power and the LEDs react to button presses, but isn’t functioning as a keyboard

This is most commonly caused by using either a damaged cable or one that only supports charging. Try a different cable.

Keypad is receiving power but doesn’t react to button presses

Check to see if a removable drive called “CIRCUITPY” is mounted when the keypad is plugged in. If so, try reflashing the firmware with the tool here:

Unified Uploader


One of my switches isn’t working consistently

Try swapping the switch with an adjacent key and see if the issue persists.


The keys I enter aren’t mapping properly

  • Make sure you’re entering your modifiers first.

  • Make sure you’re entering 3 keys or less (including modifiers.)

  • Enter xx (lowercase) after entering a modifier if you don’t wish for any additional keys to be mapped to that key. Otherwise, enter the remaining keys.